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Sizzle-Red P

Burket-Falls Sizzle-Red P CV  EX-90

2-03   2x  365d 34200 lbs  4.05%F  1385  3.17%CP   1083

3-11   2x  365d 40390 lbs  3.52%F  1423  3.15%CP   1271

CTPI +1684

Paradox  x EX-92 Convincer Saphira-P RC x VG-86 Polled Plus Shine-Red P x EX-91 Blackstar Savina-P RC

*  polled RC Talent daughter Burket-Falls Talent Sizzle-P TV VG-87 has just calfed and will be flushed, CTPI +1639  (picture see below)

polled TV Marmax called Marmax Sizzle-Red P just classified EX-91!!!

*  red polled TV Ludox daughter born in December 2006, will be               flushed this winter

*  red polled Classic-Red son called Super-Red P at Genex/CRI

*  Sizzle has calves from Lawn-Boy-Red P !!

   -  your opportunity to get homozygous polled offspring


Burket-Falls Convincer Saphira-P RC CV EX-92  2E

5-03   2x  365d 32872 lbs  4.47%F  1468  3.20%CP   1053

-  dam of Sizzle-Red P

- Saphiras Ludox daughter Ludox 1456-P RC just fresh and classified VG-85


Burket-Falls Talent Sizzle-P RC VG-87

1-11   2x  351d 25910 lbs  3.50%F  903 3.28%CP  849

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