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Sarayn-P RC

Burket-Falls SR Sarayn-P RC EX-93  3E GMD DOM @ 9-03

CTPI +1672

4-11 2x 365d   36400 lbs.  4.90%F  1785  3.44% CP  1251

Lifetime to date:  2175d 167900 lbs 4.82%F 8100   3.54%CP 5949

Sarayn-P RC is a Rudolph daughter from Blackstar Savina-P EX-91 x VG-85 Enhancer x VG-86 Cavalier x Burket-Falls Elevation Sophia-P EX-93

* polled daughter Santara-Pp RC VG-88  (from Special-P)

     Production of Santara-P: 

     2-00  2x  305 d 22850 lbs. 4.32%F   988  3.30%CP   752

     2-11  2x  365 d 33631 lbs. 4.24%F 1552  3.33%CP 1219


* homozygous polled son Burket-Falls Poll Pledge-PP RC EX-90 (from Special-P) has semen available! Give us a call for details.

*  polled son by September Storm called Burket-Falls Idea-P RC (7HO09042) is in sampling at Select Sires

* Sarayn-P can make embryos for you!


Burket-Falls BS Savina-P RC EX-91, dam of Sarayn-P

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