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Durene-Red P

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Burket-Falls Durene-Red EX-91 2E (EX-MS)

2-10 365d 26510 lbs. 4.58% F  1213 3.38% CP   895

4-01 336d 30340 lbs. 4.43% F  1344  3.35% CP  1015

Durene is a polled daugher of Burket-Falls Polled Party-Red P Ex-92 from an EX-3E Momentum with over 200,000 Milk  3.7%f 3.4p Lifetime! The next five dams are VG-87, VG-89, EX, EX and VG-89.

*  Polled Red son Future-P (sired by Polled Vision) is available at ABC Genetics

*  red Talent son sold to Bosside Farm, Jan Boschma, Colby, Visconsin

*  her red & polled Advent son Burket-Falls Dazzler-Red P has semen available


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