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Bulls in AI

You can find the following of our bulls in AI:

Burket-Falls Future-P   6HO 1065; aAa 315

(Polled Vision x Durene-Red P EX91)

available from ABC-Genetics

Burket-Falls Polled Plus-P RC

(Aerostar x Fagin RC)

available from Taurus Service

Burket-Falls Fortify-Red P

(Polled Plus-P RC x Blackstar)

available from Taurus Service

Burket-Falls Poll Pledge-PP RC EX-90

Pledge now classified EX-90!

(Special-P RC x Sarayn-P RC EX91)

 * homozygous polled and RC

 * hard to find aAa: 564

semen available from Burket-Falls


snapshot: Burket-Falls Poll Pledge-RC PP EX-90 as aged bull

Burket-Falls Advice-Red P VG-87

Jordan-Red x Princes-Red P EX-90


semen available from Burket-Falls

Burket-Falls Dazzler-Red P  

(Advent-Red x Durene-Red P EX91)

semen available from Burket-Falls

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