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Willkommen auf der Homepage der Holsteinzüchter!

Welcome to the hompage of the holstein breeders!

(most texts are translated into English below the German texts, all records are in kilogramm, lactations are 305 days)

Baldus David-PP RC 10.634093 (Burket-Falls Darwin-Red P x Priority-Red PP)

homozygot hornlos! =  100 % hornlose Nachkommen!

homozygous polled! = 100% polled offspring!

Felix P RC 10.632801 (Burket-Falls Fortify-Red P x Tonic x Juryman-Red); genetisch hornlos (polled)!


Josef-P RC 10.634501 (Ja-Bob Jordan-Red x Cadon x Priority-Red PP)

genetisch hornlos -  polled!

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